About Us

Our Business

Established in 2000, Cobalt Partners is a niche headhunting business that seeks to provide the entrepreneurial business community with more than traditional executive search.  Our primary client base was originally Private Equity funds but we now work across a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial businesses where our focus is on identifying Chairmen, CEOs, CEOs in waiting and NEDs; authentic, entrepreneurial, proven, high impact, values driven business leaders who will add demonstrable value to a business or investment opportunity.

We act more as advisors than traditional head-hunters with both our candidates and clients. We provide:

  • Our candidates with a filtered approach to high quality investors and an interesting selection of relevant Executive or Non-Executive roles
  • Our clients with pre and post deal support through our network of powerful business leaders. The man or woman with, to advise on or execute the plan.

We are a 9 strong entrepreneurial, multicultural team working with a targeted candidate universe and client base of  “long term business builders”. We work across Europe but with a primary focus on the UK, France and Germany.



Our Target Audience

Cobalt searches for top business people across all sectors who have the right DNA and a strong appetite for entrepreneurial and high growth businesses.

We look for:

  • Blue chip entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of value creation within large to medium sized corporates,
  • Rounded and commercial business people who have the full range of operational and strategic skills,
  • Authentic, apolitical, straight forward business people who are value not title focused,
  • Energetic self-starters who are hands on and action and results orientated,
  • Charismatic communicators who know how to lead and motivate their teams,
  • Long term business builders who are not only interested in value creation but also in building a sustainable business.


Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Deliverability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Agility

Our Differentiators

  • A powerful network of entrepreneurial business leaders
  • An active focus on «values driven» business leaders.
  • 100% success rate
  • An international blue chip team
  • A partnership model and a true collaboration between countries
  • In depth knowledge and expertise within our respective sectors
  • An unusual retainer model
  • Very few corporate off limits