Retained Pre Deal Work

We are retained on an annual basis by 11 different non-competing Private Equity firms. They are a mixture of large cap, medium cap, small cap, minority and majority investors for whom we provide deal origination, business intelligence and investment thesis validation. Our remit is broad and ranges from sector specific research mainly through the introduction of experts through to direct company approaches.

Company Searches

We do specific searches both for retained clients and non-retained clients. Our searches are primarily for Chairmen, CEOs, CEOs in waiting or Non-Executive Directors. In each case the emphasis is on individuals who will have an immediate impact or bring very specific skills to the table.

Management Due Diligence

We do Due Diligence for our clients on individuals they are seeking to put their money behind. Our work is tailored to the situation and is a mix of “on list” and “off list” referencing. It is 360° and extremely comprehensive.

Market Due Diligence

We provide our clients with direct feedback from the market on an investment they own or are seeking to acquire. We cover business, competition, market and strategic issues, as well as potential acquisitions, geographic roll-outs and exit options. We are frequently asked to do specific Exit Due Diligence to validate an intended exit strategy.